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"capillary analysis" (penetration test) - the method is especially suitable at suspicion of latent defects (i.e. invisible to the naked eye) - splitting, cracks etc. in components (castings). We are able to perform this analysis by means of penetration medium and developer in the competent specified way.

Stereo microscope with a camera of the INTRACO MICRO company (magnification 10x and 20x). Possibility to take digital photos or videos in high quality and high resolution.

Portable endoscope of the WOLF company with a built-in light source, a camera, a set of probes with various lengths and visual angles, and with a built-in digital monitor. Possibility to download data through a USB port for further processinG.


We are equipped with length gauges for usual length and angle measuring. The gauges are in a calibrating system. For checking of electro components we keep a power supply and contact equipment at our disposal (ohmeter).

  • Digital slide gauges with data output to 150 mm

  • Nonius slide gauges to 500 mm

  • Micrometers with data output to 50 mm

  • Protractors, straight edges and angles

  • Thread caliber

  • Plug caliber

  • Digital slide gauges Mitutoyo up to 300 mm

  • Mitutoyo BOREMATIC 6/12mm,12/25mm, 25/50 mm

  • Toggle drift meter 0/8mm

  • Torque spanners of 10/50 Nm and 30/150 Nm with basic accessories of socket spanners and extensions

  • Digital torque spanner of 3-60; 2,5-44; 10-200; 7-148; 20-400; 15-296 Nm with basic accessories of socket spanners and extensions. Following an agreement with a customer, it is possible to add untypical types

  • Electromagnetic scales with data output - 0,04kg až 20kg


For visual checking of the part surface we are equipped with:


  • Magnifiers of several magnifications

  • Magnifiers with various types of lighting

  • Table, pedestal and hand lamps

  • Stereo microscope Mitutoyo with gradual change of magnification (8x to 32x)

  • Technoscope with probes of 2.8 of various lengths and angle of range, and video system allowing displaying on a monitor (Wolf company)

  • Microscope Mantis 4-10x


For repair work or rework we are equipped with files, scrapers, rabbles, scissors, knives, universal sets of trimming tools, emery clothes, brushes - copper, steel, nylon


For more effective repair work or rework we use:

  • Accumulator screwdrivers / drilling machines

  • Dremmel grinding machines

  • Hot-air pistols

  • Abrasive band grinding machines

  • Angle grinder

  • Hand drills 230V with adjustable direction and number of rotations


We provide our employees safety aids equipment according to the kind of the work and requirements of the firms, in whose premises we carry out the work.

  • Safety gloves (Bunting, Bustard, Dermatril, Kitle, Harrier, Kevlar)

  • Safety glasses

  • Breathing masks

  • Finger-protective bands

  • Overall, working shoes - oil-resistant + antistatic sole

  • ALWAYS T-shirt with the firm identification and personal identification card with a photograph


We are able to carry out the assigned work on our own premises.


  • Up to 20 places for work

  • Table grinding machine

  • Pedestal drilling machine

  • Compressor

  • Storage space


To ensure a quick action at the customer’s location we are equipped with a sufficient number of vehicles.


For material transport we keep one own vehicle at our disposal: 21 company cars, 2 OPEL Vivaro vans (for 8 passengers, or material transport), 1 VW Transporter.

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